Dungeons to Fungeons

Dungeons to Fungeons, or DTF for short, is a concept I have been throwing around for a few years now.
Backstory? Sure. I wanted to play a simplified version of DND. Something that anyone could play, without past knowledge. I have played games the claimed to be simplified, only to have many of the draw-backs they claim to prevent. So I am creating the tool for playing a paper based dungeon game with friends.
You only need two sheets to get started. Print the Character sheet Front and Back. Print the Rule sheet Front and Back.

With the print-outs at hand you have everything needed to get playing. I would like to mention basic knowledge of role-playing games is implied a bit here. However, to ensure we are all on the same page, I have provided a key below.
Keep in mind I am giving maximum freedom to the Master to shorten the start-up time and increase game-play time. It's all in the rule sheet. Have fun, share with friends, and don't forget to post pictures with #DTF and #DungeonstoFungeons.

Print Each With Minimum Margin on standard sized paper. Print out Should fill one full page per print.


STR = Strength
DEX = Dexterity
INT = Intelligence
One Unit = 5x5 feet

HP = Health Points
MANA = Magic Points
DF = Defense/Armor
MOV = Units moveable per turn


Inquire: Ask the Fungeon Master an in-game question. The Master may ask you to roll 1d10(+STAT's)
Rest: Rest only when clear of danger. Rest restores 'Out Cold' HP, & Mana. Gain adventure XP.
Order of Action: At first sign of combat, all party roll 1d10+DEX. Highest roll will Act First.
10 to Succeed: Roll 1d10+STAT. Succeed on 10, Almost succeed on an 8 or 9.
Attack: Roll 1d10(+STR for Close Combat)(+DEX for Ranged WPN)(+INT for Magic) -Enemy EV
Ranged Att: Roll 1d10+DEX for ranged WP -1DEX per unit out of range
Magic: 1d10+INT -1INT per unit out of range
Damage: Close-Combat: WPN+STR , Ranged: WPN+DEX , Magic: Spell+INT (if applicable) , - Enemy DF
LV Up: Gain One level for every 1,000XP. Gain one Stat Point per Level (STR, DEX, or INT)
Out Cold: If health falls below 1, Lights out, you are asleep until next healed above 0hp or rest
Death: If health falls below -10HP, life has been extinguished.

copyright Eric Polley 2022.